2x Sel Ch Ken-Delaine's Via of Basic Four,

This lovely portrait of "Via" is one that really touched us, not only
because it is so special from the event that this picture was done (Winning
the Veterans class at the national in 1999) but because she was 8 years old
in this picture, and went on to go Select for the second time

This is one gal we didn't know that anyone could really capture her
distinctive look. She is very feminine, yet she has a bit of a different face
and head to describe - a bit doggy -yet not

This picture is truly Via!     All the beautiful lines and curves that make it
possible for her to move with the outrageous gait and endurance that she has.

This portrait means a lot to us, and will be a reminder of what a special girl
she is and not only within the breed but in our hearts.
Looking at this portrait is like her standing right there in front of us, with
all her regal look of elegance

We just love it! Thanks so much Sue for this lovely work of art.

Ken and Delaine Thomson, 2000
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